About GPNP

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power


Our region's nonprofit sector gives citizens a greater voice, inspires public participation and promotes a vibrant community.


The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) strengthens our region by improving the viability, impact and effectiveness of nonprofits.


  • Advance a dynamic public policy, education, and advocacy agenda
  • Host ongoing educational and networking opportunities
  • Publish and disseminate communications and action alerts on key public policy discussions
  • Partner with businesses to provide members with discounted services and products
We Connect Nonprofit Partners.

GPNP engages and connects nonprofits across missions to build partnerships that strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of services provided to the community. We facilitate partnerships between nonprofits and local, statewide, and nationally elected officials. GPNP also can effectively link the hard work of our sector with the philanthropic community in a way that supports and informs both groups. We currently have over 400 members.

We Advocate for Nonprofits in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our members advocate as a collective voice on important issues that impact the sector and our region.

We Advance the Nonprofit Sector in Our Communities.

GPNP advances the capacity and focus of the nonprofit sector to meet current and future community needs.

Additional Resources
  • "Allegheny County's Nonprofits: Good for the Community and the Economy" (PDF) contains some key facts about the collective impact community focused nonprofits have on quality of life in Allegheny County.
  • Five Facts About Nonprofits” (PDF) is a quick and clear descriptor of the nonprofit sector in Southwestern Pennsylvania that outlines the size, strength and leadership that exists in our region.
  • The Nonprofit Sector: An Economic and Community Asset,” (PDF) part of the 2008 Forbes Funds Tropman Research Reports, shows how that, in addition to the diverse social missions served by nonprofits to improve the quality of life, nonprofit organizations play a significant role in the economic well-being of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.