Announcing Velocity 2.0, a new training program for powerfully effective fundraising, marketing and building social movements

Designed for Pittsburgh nonprofits: professional marketing, fundraising, and engagement training that works

Our region is home to many amazing nonprofits, but here’s the problem: too many spend too much time on campaigns they hope will attract and retain the donors they need—but too many will be disappointed. Today, competition is stiffer than ever. So what’s an ambitious fundraiser to do?

The answer is here: Velocity 2.0. We have been working with The Benter Foundation to create this new training program for powerfully effective fundraising, marketing and building social movements. When we say "powerfully effective", we mean it. Big results. Over the past two years, over 100 Pittsburgh nonprofits have experienced a version of this program. Last year, cohort participants increased average gifts by $46 and average online gifts by $94.40 against their peers nationally. They also beat national averages for key marketing metrics, such as open rates. Other numbers were just as impressive.

Photo (above): Derrick Feldmann, President of Achieve. Over 100 Pittsburgh nonprofits have been coached in Velocity's evidence-based apporoach to fundraising and marketing (Feburary 2017).

Developed by Achieve, a global research and marketing agency for causes, Velocity 2.0 is grounded in research into donor psychology, observed behavior, and analysis of thousands of campaigns. It’s a proven approach to crafting engaging content and reaching new audiences. They're the fundraising and movement-building industry experts. Plus, this latest-gen program also includes a new adavnced curriculum for advanced pros and movement building, and it's open to all who work with nonprofits, not just organization staff.

Velocity 2.0 courses: introductory and advanced

Velocity 2.0 has something for everyone, whether newbies or experienced pros. Level 1 teaches core concepts and includes ready-to-use marketing templates, design guidelines, examples of successful campaigns—and everything else nonprofits need to build a base and raise more funds. Sessions are offered three times this year, with two online case-study review sessions. Level 2 will train a select cohort in advanced campaign strategy, digital communications, and constituent engagement modeling. It takes fundraising to the next level, from just campaigns to building social movements. Level 2 is limited to a cohort of 15 participants, and includes extra sessions for mentoring and networking. It's a great learning environment, equally intensive and supportive.

Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us to discuss (details below).

Do you have to be affiliated with an organization to apply?

No! This new version of the program focuses on individual professional growth. Nonprofit leaders and staff are welcome, as are freelancers and part-timers.

Questions about Velocity 2.0?

We love to hear form you. For more program details, contact The Forbes Funds: or call 412-394-4271.