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Over $1M generated in capacity-building after one year of partnership between GPNP, The Forbes Funds and Catchafire

February 24, 2020

In January 2019, GPNP introduced a new benefit to its nonprofit members – access to Catchafire, a one-of-a-kind online platform that connects nonprofits with skilled volunteers. Over the course of one year, nonprofits in GPNP’s network saved more than $1 million in capacity-building projects through the pro bono work of nearly 250 volunteers.

Caption: Catchafire offers 100+ projects in 8 categories. Projects are pre-scoped and include expected hours of commitment for both the volunteer and the nonprofit, as well as the estimated money saved.

GPNP’s nonprofit members have partnered with volunteers to pursue impressive projects across the eight categories of service. Because of the impact of the Catchafire pilot, GPNP has extended our partnership with Catchafire until May 2020 with additional slots for nonprofits available. If you are a current GPNP member, log onto to get started. To find out more about the platform and how your nonprofit can take advantage, email Hannah Locop, GPNP Program Manager, at

Become a GPNP member to access Catchafire

On Catchafire, nonprofits have the power to choose which projects they would like to prioritize in order to build their own capacity. Hear from our members themselves:

“We have been able to extend our capacity using Catchafire. With only a few staff, we are limited in our capacity to take on new, creative projects. Catchafire has made this possible and has accelerated our growth as an organization.” -Daniel R., Executive Director

“This network of skills-based volunteers and the support they provide have been invaluable. As we look to 2020, I am excited by the possibility of completing more projects for an even greater impact on our agency and the incredible population of people we serve.” - Anonymous

“Catchafire allowed me to make a step-change in our use of the Google Ad Grant. The grant provides up to $10,000 per month in free ad spending to qualified nonprofits. Before working with a Catchafire volunteer, we used less than $100 per month. This month, we're on track to spend $3,000. These ads have created a 1% increase in site visitors...which directly grows readership of our product and supports our core mission of telling stories for a better Pittsburgh… We now have the skills to optimize our ads and are sharing those skills with other nonprofit news organizations.” – Jennie L., Public Source