Final Achieve Fundraising Session Wraps; More Trainings Coming in 2016


At our final session in a five-part series, Derrick Feldman of Achieve revealed the findings of a year-long cohort of Pittsburgh nonprofits. The cohort worked hands-on with these organizations to personalize and improve their annual campaigns via direct mail and email solicitations, based on tested and proven practices. Here are some of the overall findings:

From 2014 to 2015, the cohort organizations collectively increased total funds raised, number of total donors, number of new donors, average gift amounts, and average response rates. Email solicitations were also very successful: overall, 2015 email campaigns grossly outperformed 2014 email campaigns, and the cohort organizations performed better than the national average in nearly every capacity.

If you’re wondering how your organization can get in on the fundraising action, you are in luck – Derrick will be back again for a new training series this year in a 3-pronged approach: public education sessions for organizations to get their feet wet and learn best practices in the field; a new cohort group; and an alumni cohort, which will focus on donor retention, acquisition, segmentation, and more.