GPNP Corporate Sponsor Program

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors! 

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Why sponsor GPNP?

As a GPNP Sponsor you will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your company’s visibility in and value to the nonprofit sector in 12 counties in southwestern PA
  • Connect with leaders from nonprofit organizations representing human services, the environment, economic development, education, arts & culture, community development, education, and healthcare
  • Help to strengthen the nonprofit sector’s effectiveness and impact

Did you know?

Nonprofits work tirelessly to add to the quality of life in our region. Nonprofits feed the hungry, inspire us through arts and culture, steward the environment, advocate and provide for the disenfranchised. Nonprofits educate us and create jobs for our region.

Over 100,000 people are employed by 3,000 (5,000 in southwestern PA!) nonprofits in Allegheny County alone – that is 10% of the total workforce! (This figure does not include the number of people employed by the region’s hospitals and universities.)

  • GPNP represents over 420 nonprofits and is adding new members every day
  • Our one-day regional summit attracted 1,300 people
  • Over 1,000 leaders in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors receive our materials and information weekly
  • GPNP makes hundreds of thousands of impressions on social media and our website annually

What can you do?

You have an opportunity to sponsor GPNP at a level that is comfortable for the size of your business.  The benefits package is designed to give you opportunities for direct contact with the GPNP membership and advertise your services on a frequent basis.  You can also take advantage of the Plus Discount Program, which includes special benefits when you offer the GPNP membership special rates and/or discounts with your company’s sponsorship.

Please click here to download information on the benefits that your company will receive by sponsoring GPNP.