HiberSense Energy-Saving Workshop

Event Date: 

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 9:00am to 11:00am

Event Location: 

Hill House Association
Kaufmann Conference Room, 2nd Floor
1825 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
HiberSense Energy-Saving Workshop
Hibersense, a 2017 UpPrize winner, offers a Connected Climate Control system that provides residential and commercial building owners, renters and facility managers with better insight and control over occupant comfort and energy efficiency. HiberSense works with your HVAC system to install electronically-controlled vents that can be retrofitted. Vents are controlled through room-by-room thermostats to ensure that air is only going to rooms that need it. Temperature data is automatically collected, and the user can access the information to customize temperature needs through a user-friendly app. The system is designed to pay for itself within two years, and typically saves users 30-40% on heating and cooling costs.
This session will focus on a variety of energy topics and will provide an overview of:
  • Understanding your energy bill.
  • How to save energy and increase comfort.
  • One-zone and multi-zone HVAC systems, and how they work.
  • How HiberSense works and if your organization could benefit from it​

December 14, 2017
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Hill House Association
Kaufmann Center Conference Room, 2nd Floor

At the session we will also be announcing an upcoming cohort with HiberSense.  The cohort will include a yearlong subscription to HiberSense services and ongoing education and technical assistance with your new system.  For more information about HiberSense, check out their website at:  https://hibersense.com/

This session is open to all, but the following are strongly encouraged to attend:
  • Organization Leaders
  • Facility/Operations Managers