History & Purpose

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power

GPNP Advisory Team member, Mike Smith, interacts with attendees at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

GPNP was created in 2005 in response to growing concern that the nonprofit sector was not adequately engaged in regional discussions concerning the Pennsylvania charitable tax status. Alarmingly, the nonprofit sector began to be publicly characterized “…as a drain on state resources”. In a community that was set to embark on a “New Renaissance”, within which the nonprofit sector played a significant role, this was an unacceptable perspective. Yet, the sector lacked the cohesion necessary to dispel these beliefs and illustrate its contributions to the community on a regional and even statewide basis.

The Forbes Funds’ and regional nonprofit leadership came together to form the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership. Since that time the membership has continued to grow and now our members represent all disciplines from health, human services, environment, arts, education, and community development.  

GPNP has championed the sector as both a vital industry in our region responsible for the employment of tens of thousands individuals but also, and most importantly, the sector that attends to work that is largely cost prohibitive to government. We educate the community. We feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. We protect all children. We provide health services to the poor, the mentally ill, and the addicted. We care for our seniors. We promote literacy. We revitalize lower income communities.  We teach environmental stewardship. We inspire creativity and fight for social justice. GPNP advocates on behalf of all nonprofits that do this hard work in order to assure that our region is healthy and vibrant.