Member Spotlight: Allies for Children

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Allies for Children

Who We Are:

Allies for Children serves as a bold voice for children and youth and propels their needs to the center of policy discussions. That’s critical, because policy impacts everything from school funding and meal programs to housing and healthcare. To do this important work, we build alliances with other advocates and child service providers.

What We Do:

Currently, our multi-issue organization focuses on two broad areas: education and health policy. These areas lay the foundation for providing every child the opportunities and assistance necessary to develop into a healthy, educated and contributing member of the community. We work for children to have access to quality schools that are equitably and adequately funded, healthcare and health-promoting services. Here is a look at our current campaigns:

Campaign for Fair Education Funding:

Allies for Children has played a leading role in the Campaign for Fair Education Funding, fighting for adequate, equitable funding for public schools. Recently, the General Assembly adopted and permanently enacted the funding formula supported by our campaign. However, the formula is only as good as the money distributed through it. Now, campaign members must urge lawmakers to make a significant increases and long-term investments to ensure all students, no matter where they live, have access to a quality education.

School Breakfast Report:

Allies for Children partners with Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to promote the importance of breakfast and the positive impact it has on children’s health and education. Together, the organizations co-authored Breakfast Basics: A Comprehensive Look at School Breakfast in Allegheny County, which showed more students eating breakfast but wide variation occurring within districts. The report highlights how school policy changes can increase breakfast consumption, possibly improving educational environments, helping children learn, and enhancing their overall health.

Crossing Guards Study:

Allies for Children commissioned a Crossing Guards Study to look at ways to enhance safety measures, improve relationships between public safety officials and children and youth and eliminate potential barriers to regular school attendance. The City of Pittsburgh has since implemented some of the recommendations developed through the research, including forming a working group, providing Everyday Mentors training through The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA and establishing a direct line of communication between the crossing guards and the police.

What You Can Do:

Allies for Children invites the community to share, discuss and learn about issues affecting young people growing up in Allegheny County. Read the latest developments on the blog, sign up for our e-newsletter and follow important issues on Facebook and Twitter.