Member Spotlight: Auberle

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Investing in children and families has great rewards. At Auberle, we make a true commitment and investment to the people we serve and provide a whole new meaning to the word transformation. Auberle is a place where life changes for kids and families. In the past year, Auberle has served more than 3,400 children and families in 16 program areas across eight counties in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.

Since its founding in 1952, Auberle has helped thousands of families in crisis, children overcoming challenges and young adults facing the difficult transition to adulthood. Auberle helps these individuals find the resources they need to help recover, redirect, and ultimately transform their lives.

Families come to Auberle when they have nowhere else to go and are in midst of a traumatic crisis they cannot solve on their own. Auberle provides dedicated, caring individuals who work directly with the family. Keeping families together with their children is our first priority. Our Homebuilders® program is a prime example of how we focus on the entire family and work with them to plot a plan for success.  The primary goal of this program is to assemble a team to respond to a critical situation when a child is at imminent risk of being removed from his or her home and help the family stay together.

When children come to Auberle their home situation is often unsafe, parents have become unable to protect them, and they have experienced a great amount of trauma in their young lives. Sometimes there are no positive resolutions and a different family resource has to be identified.  At Auberle, we believe all children deserve a safe place to stay. Auberle’s Foster Care Program connects children and youth with families and works with foster families to address any unique medical, developmental or behavior concerns a child might have. We have successfully placed dozens of youth in loving, safe and stable homes.   

Furthermore, some youth must navigate the difficult transition to adulthood without family support. Auberle is able to help make that transition smoother by providing educational support, identifying career pathways, and making a plan for the future. Auberle’s award-winning Employment Institute provides young people with a variety of opportunities, national industry-recognized certification programs and the region’s only Digital Work Ethic Badge. The use of digital badges is a way for our youth to electronically store their workforce accomplishments and communicate them with potential employers. Once earned, the digital badges can be placed on social media sites such as LinkedIn and applied to online job applications. Our newest program, the 412 Youth Zone, located in downtown Pittsburgh, also helps youth who are aging out of the foster care system and those experiencing unstable housing with a safe and welcoming place to both relax and participate in programs, services and workshops that will ultimately help them become self-sufficient and independent adults. greatest reward will always come from witnessing the life-changing transformations in those we serve. But, we also are grateful for the impact Auberle’s staff, board members, donors, volunteers, corporate partners and the entire nonprofit community have on Auberle. Here at Auberle we never stop. We continue to think of innovative ways and programs to better the lives of youth and families across the Southwestern Pennsylvania region.