Member Spotlight: Every Child, Inc.

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Every Child, Inc.

Every Child, Inc. was founded in 1997 on the belief that all children, no matter their age, race, disability or special health care need, deserve the opportunity to grow up with a loving and lasting family.  Every Child serves birth, foster and adoptive families, as well as children with special needs from Allegheny and surrounding Pennsylvania counties with an individualized array of clinical and therapeutic behavioral health care.

To the clinicians, therapists and staff at Every Child, family and community are essential resources for every child’s growth and development and they are dedicated to developing, protecting, and binding those relationships.  “At Every Child,” states Executive Director Laura Maines, “we believe that empowering and effecting change in a community begins with empowering and effecting change in a family."

Family stability and permanency depend upon a host of factors—economic opportunity, meeting basic needs, resiliency in crisis situations, addressing mental health needs, understanding and accessing available services, and effective parenting, among others—and Every Child works to offer family-focused services that build on the strengths of our clinicians and therapists as well as the strengths of the children and families in our programs.

These individualized services include Family Based Mental Health and Family Focused Solution-Based clinical services, CYF-contracted In-Home Preservation services, Pregnancy Support with Trained Doula, Medically-Fragile Wraparound, Foster Care, Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Placement services, other family support services and access to resources to promote family self-sufficiency. Services are provided at no out-of-pocket charge to children and families. Every Child strives to provide each child with a safe, loving home, with the birth family if possible, or with a thoroughly screened, trained, caring foster or adoptive family.

“Every Child is special,” says Maines, “because our staff are dedicated to the idea that every child deserves a healthy and nurturing home and every family can be that for their child given the right support, encouragement, and hope.”