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The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) was founded in 1995 with the goal of promoting quality mentoring in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Since that time, our community has gone from mentoring 3,800 kids each year to more than 20,000 kids.  In 20 years, we’ve provided resources and best practices to 521 different programs and we’ve trained 12,700 volunteers to be great mentors. 

In our unique role as an intermediary organization, we deliver services that:

  • Increase the number of young people with mentors
  • Expand mentoring programming and opportunities tailored to the needs and circumstances of young people
  • Increase resources dedicated to mentoring
  • Train thousands of mentors to maximize their impact within a mentoring relationship
  • Promote quality standards for mentoring programs

We know that mentoring is a valuable community resource.  We know that mentors provide much-needed support to others.  We know there are kids right here in our neighborhoods who would benefit from having a mentor, but don’t have access to one.  Simply put, we know mentoring matters and we’re dedicated to ensuring that all youth in our region benefit from mentor-like support in two different, but complementary ways:

Structured Mentoring

TMP supports more than 150 local mentoring programs each year by providing training, professional development, technical assistance and access to nationally recognized research and best practices, all free of charge.  Structured programs formalize the mentoring relationship by establishing regular meeting times and components for checking in and following up on activities.  They vary in size and scope, but with our support, they’re all dedicated to one thing: matching children with caring, supportive adults who can help them recognize their full potential.

Everyday Mentoring

Everyday Mentoring, an initiative created by TMP, encourages adults to be more intentionally mentor-like in their relationships with youth already in their lives.  Through our trainings and information, we’re equipping adults with the skills they need to provide positive to support to kids they regularly interact with.  When adults employ mentoring skills in everyday moments, youth feel known, recognized, cared for and supported.  Teachers, librarians, coaches, aunts and uncles, crossing guards…anyone can use Everyday Mentoring to make a positive impact on children in our communities.

Get Involved Today

There are a number of ways you can advance mentoring in Southwestern PA.  Visit us at to learn more about how to support our work and ensure that all children in our region have access to a mentor who will support their goals and nurture their dreams.


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