Member Spotlight: National Multiple Sclerosis Society- PA Keystone Chapter

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society- PA Keystone Chapter

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society exists because there are people with MS. Our vision is a world free of MS.  Everything we do is focused so that people affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever.

We are more than an organization. We are a movement. United in our collective power to do something about MS now and end this disease forever. The gathering place for people with MS, their family and loved ones, healthcare providers, volunteers, donors, fundraisers, advocates, community leaders and all those that seek a world free of MS. A place to connect and take action. In order to change the world, we mobilize all possible human and financial resources to achieve results.

Cultural values:

-We act with urgency so that each person can be more powerful than the challenges of MS.

-We lead through inspiration, collaboration, influence and a relentless resolve.

-We engage, value and empower others, always seeking diverse perspectives.

-We innovate and continuously learn.

-We deploy resources to their greatest potential with integrity and accountability.

The Society offers many services and resources to help people affected by MS live their best lives. Find resources in your area to learn, connect, and get support.

Whether you are a person with multiple sclerosis, a family member, or concerned about someone with MS, the National MS Society is your partner — providing answers to your questions and access to information about all of the options available to you. The Society puts the latest and most accurate information, resources and programs to work for you, so you can:

-Understand what you need to know when you or a loved one is newly diagnosed.

-Identify appropriate treatment options and symptom management strategies.

-Connect to resources in your community and nationwide.

-Access optimal healthcare.

-Meet workplace challenges.

-Understand benefits such as health insurance.

-Face financial challenges and planning for the future.

-Team up to face challenges as a family.

-Manage difficult life changes.

-Find support when MS progresses.

The National MS Society offers an extensive variety of programs, services and resources for people living with MS, including family members, carepartners and other members of the support system. These resources can be accessed in person, online, by calling 1-800-344-4867, and by mail. We can help you:

-Connect with others living with MS.

-Access support from others living with MS.

-Find what you need to maintain independence.

-Deal with a crisis.

-Access comprehensive educational programs, and more.

For more information, please reach out by calling 1-800-FIGHT-MS (344-4867) or