Member Spotlight: PCTV

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power


Let’s face it, trying to get your organization’s message heard in our media-saturated world can be a challenge.  What if there was a place in Western Pennsylvania that helped nonprofits and individuals navigate this challenge at low cost on an equal-access basis?  Fortunately, there is.

Pittsburgh Community Television (PCTV) is a nonprofit community television station dedicated to using media to make our community a stronger and better place to live.  PCTV empowers nonprofits and individuals to create local media that captures what is unique about our region.  PCTV provides the training, equipment, and facilities needed for nonprofits and individuals to create effective video programming regardless of resources or view point.  All programming you create airs on Pittsburgh’s Comcast 21 and Verizon 47 but you own the copyright, allowing you to repurpose your video to communicate with your stakeholders on-line or in any format you choose.  PCTV’s newly renovated facility in Pittsburgh is your community communications platform.

When PCTV began operations in Pittsburgh in 1986, it continued a long history of public access television in the United States.  The roots of public access television go back to the 1960s when the tools of television production began to become more accessible to the average person.  Filmmaker George Stoney was one of the pioneers of early public access television, helping to advocate for the legal right to establish access to the television medium for the public. 

Public access television first came to the Steel City in 1981 when Warner Cable began operations in Pittsburgh.  At the time, public, education, and government television stations were popping up all over the United States thanks to some forward thinking in Congress and at the FCC.  Originally Warner Cable operated five studios throughout Pittsburgh.  In 1986, PCTV took over public access as an independent non-profit, managing the current facility on Western Avenue on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

At 30 plus years and counting, PCTV is among the oldest public access media organizations in the United States.  Over those over 30 years, PCTV has served thousands of Pittsburgh residents and non-profits, giving them low cost access to media production tools and the ability to broadcast their thoughts, ideas, and creativity to households throughout Pittsburgh and the world.

While technology has evolved, the mission of PCTV remains as relevant as ever in 2016.  In a time of greater and greater consolidation of media outlets, PCTV remains committed to public service.  We look forward to serving Pittsburgh for another 30 years!  Come make a show with us!

More information about PCTV is available at or by calling 412-322-7570.  Check us out on social media at or @pctv21 on Twitter.