Policy & Advocacy

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power

PA legislators speak during the 2014 GPNP Annual Meeting.

GPNP provides its nonprofit members and community partners with up-to-date information, strategic advice, and clear analysis of public policy issues. GPNP develops and implements strategic advocacy efforts in support of the nonprofit sector in Pittsburgh and the southwestern Pennsylvania region.

GPNP Maintains a Robust Public Policy Agenda

The issues in GPNP's public policy agenda are prioritized according to the following framework:

Tier 1: Administrative issues affecting the entire nonprofit sector (Examples: the determination of charitable status, human resources, equity and inclusion, performance measurement)

Tier 2: Specific issues affecting large segments of the nonprofit sector (Examples: healthcare, transportation, significant fluctuations in funding)

GPNP's current policy agenda includes education on Federal, State, and Local Budgets, Taxation Issues affecting nonprofits, among other key policy "hotspots." To know more, you may view our Public Policy Protocol and our Rapid Response Protocol

Partners in Advocacy

Depending on the issue and the time of year, we engage our membership in direct and grassroots advocacy to support the nonprofit sector on a local, statewide, and national basis. We encourage all nonprofit organizations to have an ongoing conversation with the elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington, DC. Use the tools here to find and contact your legislators.

We are also an active partner with existing, issue-based advocacy organizations.  

GPNP does not attempt, nor believe it is effective, to duplicate advocacy efforts on specific community issues that are already represented by a lead advocate.   Many talented advocacy organizations are already members of GPNP.  We offer these advocates three main benefits: 1) an opportunity to make “unlikely friends” across nonprofit disciplines, 2) assist them in mobilizing large and unfamiliar subsets of the nonprofit community, and 3) provide a platform for them to present their information to the greater southwestern PA nonprofit community and political leadership.  

GPNP is a lead partner with the Campaign for What Works, which is dedicated to preserving Human Services programs in Pennsylvania that are efficient, an effective use of taxpayer dollars, and produce results.

Your Opportunity to Influence Public Policy

Allegheny County Human Services Director Marc Cherna discusses Pennsylvania's budget impasse with GPNP's Public Policy Committee.

GPNP's public policy agenda is guided by the Public Policy Committee. Members of the committee meet bi-monthly to discuss the latest and most relevant policy issues. The Public Policy Committee meeting dates for 2018 are:

  • Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Thursday, June 7, 2018
  • Thursday, October 18, 2018

The meetings will be held at The Forbes Funds' office located at 5 PPG Place, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

If you are interested in attending or dialing in, please RSVP to locoph@forbesfunds.org so that you can be added to the meetings' security lists. 

If you are a staff or board member from a GPNP member organization and you are interested in joining the committee, please email Samantha Balbier at locoph@forbesfunds.org.