Rep. Markosek Applauds GPNP

Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power

It is my pleasure to congratulate several of our members for winning an important victory contained in the enacted 2015-2016 fiscal code (HB 1589). This provision assures that fourth quarter county child welfare payments from the previous fiscal year will be paid in the event of another budget impasse that lasts beyond September 1st. All in all, this provision releases approximately $275 million across the state so providers can continue serving abused and neglected children.

By regularly attending GPNP's legislative visits to educate legislators about the financial pressures facing publicly funded nonprofits as a result of the budget impasse, GPNP members helped bring about this policy change by raising awareness of potential payment delays of already approved funds in the event of another likely budget impasse.

Please join me in congratulating:

Laura Maines, Executive Director, Every Child Inc.

John Lydon, CEO, Auberle

Matt Davin, CFO Auberle

Bobbi Watt Geer, Regional Vice President, United Way of Southwestern PA

Jesse McClean, Executive Director Western Pennsylvania, Pressley Ridge

Stephen Christian Michaels, President and CEO, Family Services of Western PA

Kim Sonafelt, Regional Executive Director, NHS Human Services

Pennsylvania House Minority Appropriations Chair Joe Markosek recently stated:

 "I applaud the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership for all of their efforts in support of human services, specifically their advocacy on behalf of critical child welfare initiatives."

Building and promoting our members' advocacy capacity is GPNP's core function, and success is contingent on the ongoing and active participation of our members. We need to continue to work to maintain a collective voice for our region's nonprofit sector and add value to the operations and missions of our individual members.

Please see this article by WITF's Mary Wilson concerning the fiscal code provision and GPNP's concerns. 

Well Done!