Unifying the voice of nonprofits to leverage their power

The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership is an alliance of nonprofits, foundations, and corporate leaders who are committed to performance and strengthening the nonprofit sector to deliver high quality programs that make our community vibrant and resilient. GPNP’s efforts are driven by community expertise and ongoing input via committee membership. The success of GPNP is highly dependent on member involvement. 

GPNP Advisory Team

A fifteen member Advisory Team, comprised of executives from leading regional organizations, ensures that GPNP remains contemporary, representative of the sector, and strategically aligned to achieve its mission.

GPNP Committees

All GPNP members are encouraged to become involved in the Public Policy Committee, which establishes and implements our public policy agenda on behalf of the whole sector. Our Membership Committee is charged with developing special events, our portfolio of membership benefits, recruiting new members and assuring member satisfaction. The Governance Committee is responsible for nominating candidates for the Advisory Team.

GPNP Staff & Interns

Hannah Locop is the Program Manager.

Our interns include graduate students from local universities.