Technology Executive in Residence

Technology Executive in Residence

Following its success with an Executive-In-Residence program focused on Capacity Building, The Forbes Funds is establishing a program in spring 2016 to help non-profit executives improve how they prioritize and implement investments in technology. Technology-Executive-In-Residence (TEIR) assistance is open to all human service and community development organizations in Allegheny County, and there is no charge for the service.

TEIR engagements are intended to provide high-level advisory support to non-profit executives as they evaluate technology investments, assess the effectiveness of current systems, and launch technology projects. The goal of the program is to aid leaders in deciding how to utilize technology effectively in support of their mission by offering strategic advice, providing relevant resources, and connecting with topical experts.

Organizations can engage by starting with The Forbes Fund’s technology assessment, which can help identify opportunities for improvement in the current use of technology. Or, TEIR advisory services can be requested to aid with a particular initiative or challenge.

Coaching is provided by Deb Sadowski, an experienced professional with over 30 years in IT and software leadership in business and non-profit organizations.

To explore the TEIR program’s potential to aid your organization, please contact us.