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Unleash the Power of Humanity-Centered Design

Strategic Design in a Box offers you the robust framework and actionable insights to effectively navigate the complex challenges often faced by nonprofit organizations. By marrying traditional strategic planning with the principles of humanity-centered design, this course promises to equip you with skills that are both impactful and deeply empathetic.

Ready to unlock your problem-solving potential? The journey starts here!

No-Cost Access: Just reach out below!

Flexible Learning: Our self-paced course structure allows you to engage with the material in a way that fits your schedule.


Collaborative Community: The course platform fosters interaction among participants, promoting shared learning and collective problem-solving.

Holistic Skill Set: From basics to advanced modules, gain proficiency in user research, idea generation, and design prototyping.

Hands-on Tools: Get practical experience using Miro for collaborative work, enhancing your digital proficiency.

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Course Outline

Modules comprehensively cover the strategic design thinking. From understanding the basics to mastering user research, problem analysis, idea generation, consensus building, and design prototyping — we’ve got it all.

Plus, you’ll gain hands-on experience with Miro, a powerful collaborative tool that enhances your learning experience.

Sample Lesson

Still undecided? Get a sneak peek into one of our lessons, the stakeholder map. This lesson helps you understand who is involved with a service or product, whether they’re providing, creating, or sourcing anything along the entire chain of delivering a product or service. It’s a great starting point for any project and can serve as a reference throughout your journey. To learn more, watch our explanatory video and read through our provided notes.

Ready to practice? Download the PDF or access the Miro templates.


Real-world Success Stories of Strategic Design

Explore insights from professionals who have experienced the impact of strategic design firsthand.

“The Forbes Funds has a forty-year history of building capacity for the regional nonprofit sector. Strategic Design in a Box is a valuable and proven resource that will help nonprofits to develop and implement effective strategies for making a difference, to move from surviving to thriving, and to make these tools available and accessible to those who may need them most both in our region and on a national stage that are dealing with similar and ever-changing issues.”

Fred Brown

President & CEO

“Strategic design is an essential tool for nonprofits and philanthropy, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to implement. Strategic Design in a Box makes it easier for nonprofits and philanthropy to get started with strategic design and to develop effective strategies for achieving their missions.”

Mark J. Giaquinto

President & Treasurer

“CMU is excited to support GPNP with Strategic Design in a Box thanks to the generosity of our alumni like Sean Brosmith. This program is a great example of how academia can work with the community to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems and inspire entrepreneurship in all of its forms including social impact.”

Dave Mawhinney

Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in touch with Olivia Benson should you have any additional questions.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone interested in strategic design thinking, particularly those in the nonprofit and social impact space looking to enhance their problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your skills, a leader seeking organizational transformation, or a philanthropic professional eager to empower your network, our course offers tailored pathways to meet your specific needs. Submit the form below to start your journey today.

Is it really being offered at no-cost? When does the offer expire?

This no-cost offer is valid until July 1, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your creative problem-solving potential! Just fill out the form below to get your no-cost code for the course.

How can I access the course?

You can access the course here:

Prior to starting you will check out with a coupon code for no-cost access. Submit the form below to start your journey.

What is the duration of the course?
The course is self-paced, typically completed in 4-6 weeks. You can adjust the timeline based on your own schedule and pace of learning.
Do I need any specific tools or software for this course?

Yes, we’ll use Miro, a powerful online collaborative tool, throughout the course. Ensure you’ve registered for a free Miro account to make the most of our collaborative sessions.

Here are some resources that provide the basics of using Miro: Getting Started with Miro, Miro 101 article by maad labs, and Collaborating on a Miro board (Video).

How do I apply the knowledge gained from this course?

The course is designed to provide you with practical tools and techniques that you can apply in real-life scenarios, both in your personal and professional life.

Who is the course instructor?

Meet Adam, Your Expert Guide on This Journey

Hey there! I’m Adam, and I’m genuinely excited to share this learning journey with you. At the heart, I’m a serial entrepreneur, always curious, always exploring. When I’m not navigating the business realm, you’ll find me at Carnegie Mellon, teaching Entrepreneurship—everything from sales and marketing to digital product design. I’m honored to be part of the Tepper School of Business, the School of Computer Science, and even the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

Enough about me! This journey is about you, about us, and the incredible things we’ll discover together. I can’t wait to get started!

Adam Paulisick

Olivia Benson

Hi, I’m Olivia Benson and I am the COO of The Forbes Funds and GPNP. A proud nerd, I have a BS in Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from Point Park University, and an MS in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. In my roles, I am responsible for managing C3 work and Humanity Centered Design Work, including organizational development, coalition building, project management, public and community relations, and policy analysis.

We’re thrilled to announce our special offer, designed to make this course accessible to all leaders in the nonprofit and social impact space.

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    Become an Expert

    Empower yourself with strategic design expertise to drive change in your nonprofit or social impact organization.

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    Lead with Strategy

    Lead your organization with strategic design principles from the top-down, transforming your approach to problem-solving.

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    Empower Your Network

    Equip your nonprofit network with the power of strategic design through our program designed for philanthropic organizations.

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