Humanity-Centered Design Workshop

Humanity-Centered Design Workshops explore human-first focus in service delivery and experience design.

Identifying a roadmap for impact with the human experience at the center of problem-solving.

Utilizing collaborative mediums like Miro and our Strategic Design in a Box, we can work together to identify a roadmap for impact with the human experience at the center of our problem-solving. By completing exercises together, we are able to co-design metrics, outcomes, and actions desired by our partners and their stakeholders.

Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation are the three main goals of humanity-centered design, and at The Forbes Funds, this process also includes iteration. Together, we think creatively about what is possible.

Human-centered policy design workshop - values excercising

Screengrab from a humanity-centered workshop for the GPNP Public Policy Committee to identify shared values, audience, and work to prioritize key policy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in touch should you have any additional questions of if you would like to request a workshop.

Where will workshops take place?

Sessions are held online via Zoom, using collaboration tools like Miro Online Whiteboard and our Strategic Design in a Box. You may request an in-person workshop by getting in touch.

Why should I request a humanity-centered design workshop?

Humanity-first focus in service delivery and experience design to utilize design thinking to reimagine service delivery with a participant-centered approach. Get in touch with Olivia to request more information.

Why do you use an online whiteboard?

Miro is a collaborative, online whiteboard platform that gives teams an infinite canvas to think and innovate. It addresses the need for teams to ideate and collaborate visually in real-time, without the constraint of physical proximity.

Here are some resources that provide the basics of using Miro:

Olivia Benson

Hi, I’m Olivia Benson (she/her pronouns) and I am the Chief Operating Officer of The Forbes Funds and Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership. A proud nerd, I have a BS in Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from Point Park University, and an MS in Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. In my roles, I am responsible for managing C3 work and Humanity Centered Design Work, including organizational development, coalition building, project management, public and community relations, and policy analysis among other things.

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