Human-Centered Design Virtual Workshop

Human-Centered Design Virtual Workshops explore human-first focus in service delivery and experience design.

Identifying a roadmap for impact with the human experience at the center of problem-solving.

Utilizing collaborative mediums like Miro, we can work together to identify a roadmap for impact with the human experience at the center of our problem-solving. By completing exercises together, we are able to co-design metrics, outcomes, and actions desired by our partners and their stakeholders.

Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation are the three main goals of human-centered design, and at The Forbes Funds, this process also includes iteration. Together, we think creatively about what is possible.

Human-centered policy design workshop - values excercising

Screengrab from a human-centered workshop for the GPNP Public Policy Committee to identify shared values, audience, and work to prioritize key policy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in touch should you have any additional questions of if you would like to request a virtual workshop.

Where will virtual workshops take place?

Course sessions will be held online via Zoom, using collaboration tools such as Miro’s Online Whiteboard or Jamboard.

Why should I request a human-centered design workshop?

Human-first focus in service delivery and experience design to utilize design thinking to reimagine service delivery with a participant-centered approach. Get in touch with Dr. Hannah to request more information.

Why do you use an online whiteboard?
Miro is a collaborative, online whiteboard platform that gives teams an infinite canvas to think and innovate. It addresses the need for teams to ideate and collaborate visually in real-time, without the constraint of physical proximity.

Here are some resources that provide the basics of using Miro:

Hannah Locop, GPNP Program manager

My name is Hannah Locop (pronouns I prefer are she, her and hers). I come to The Forbes Funds and the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) by way of South Florida, and I have been supporting our network and broader nonprofit sector in southwestern PA since 2018. What motivates me to engage in the challenging work of shaping our sector is the strength and resilience of our community members. Nonprofits uplift and elevate communities every day through service, advocacy, and outreach.

Vision: GPNP unites the nonprofit sector through intentional connectivity, acknowledging the gaps in resources and information that exist throughout the region. Our nonprofit members fill in those gaps for communities who are the most resilient, and GPNP supports our members through tangible benefits and educational programming that improve the knowledge and advocacy of our sector. With a racial equity lens, also adopted by The Forbes Funds, we seek to rectify the inequities that still exist in the nonprofit sector through our public policy and advocacy work, educational convenings, and by expanding access to our membership.

Contact me to learn more about virtual workshops

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