Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) Members

A directory of registered Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) members. Some have been with us for over a decade!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please get in touch with Emily Francis should you have any additional questions.

How do I update my organization's profile?

Join the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) network or renew your membership. Simply login here, then head over to the My Account tab (top right) to ensure your information is up-to-date for your public-facing profile.

How will my profile information be used and made accessible to the public?

If you have already created your account and are already a GPNP member, your information will be listed among the GPNP Member Directory on your public profile.

This directory will be searchable by organization name and geography, for example. For more information, see our privacy statement.