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Learning and Education

The Forbes Funds supports the continued growth and capacity-building of social sector professionals and organizations with learning and education programming.

  • Develop and strengthen your skills in one of our many continuing education and upskilling programs.
  • Discover how your organization can better implement a human-centered approach.

Explore our certified Digital Badges

The Forbes Funds provides digital credentials to professionals who complete learning cohort curriculums.

Executive-in-Residence (EIR)

High-level advisory that helps strengthen organizational impact, nimbleness, and sustainability.

Warm Data Labs

An innovative approach to systems change with learning programs and warm data tied to UN SDGs and Social Determinents of Health.

Human-Centered Design Virtual Workshops

Explore human-first focus in service delivery and experience design.

Research: The Tropman Report

Explore sector research, case studies, and informative publications seeking to uncover opportunities for generating collaborative responses from local institutions and leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Social Innovation & Learning Cohorts

A cohort model that works with groups of organizations that share similar capacity needs.

The Forbes Funds University

Supervision & leadership certifications for nonprofit professionals and leaders.

Equity and Anti-Racism

The Forbes Funds prioritizes diversity, equity & inclusion in addition to antiracism. 

  • The programs within this category aim to increase capacity for equitable funding, racial equity, environmental justice, and inclusivity for marginalized groups.
  • The Forbes Funds leverages a forward-thinking approach to funding, with equity, sustainability, and accessibility always in mind.

Anti-Racism Cohorts

Join our team & partners for the 2024 ARC Learning Cohort to build on DEI initiatives and refine antiracism practices that deepen your organization’s commitment to equity.

Innovation Lab and Equity Hackathon

Join the Innovation Lab to tackle existing challenges and advance equity in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Black Equity Coalition

Going beyond responding to COVID-19, The Forbes Funds helped form coalition to tackle long-term issues.

Sustainable Community Development

The Forbes Funds seeks to amplify the power of neighborhood nonprofits through a strengths-based approach.

  • The strength of the community often lies with its residents and leaders. Bringing organizations and leaders together for the greater good can have a compound effect. 
  • The Forbes Funds catalyzes community-wide change through skill-building co-design cohorts.

C3 Catalytic Community Cohorts

A yearlong program that engages organizations through a range of regular, skills-building activities.

The Commons

Designed to help changemakers across southwestern Pennslyvania grow and evolve with better, more equitable and healthy communities.


The Forbes Funds awards Management Assistance Grants (MAGs) to promote collaboratives of human service and community-based nonprofits building their capacity and increasing the impact of their mission work.

  • Our catalytic grants fund projects that focus on Strategy, Finance, and Organizational Realignment with two or more organizations partnering together.
  • Management Assistance Grants are used to hire a third-party expert to guide the organization through a capacity building project that would support the collective impact of the collaborative.

Management Assistance Grants (MAGs)

The Forbes Funds grantmaking capacity increases Allegheny county organizations’ agility, impact, and sustainability.

With a unified vision, the nonprofit sector can drive social change. Engage in the issues most important to the nonprofit sector of western Pennsylvania!