Innovation Lab and Equity Hackathon

The Lab gathered leaders from across non-profit, government, and business sectors who act on the micro, meso, and macro levels to advance equity in the Pittsburgh region. These leaders formed four teams focusing on the Social Determinants of Health and will engage in teambuilding and the creation of an innovative “hack” to present at a Pitch-a-Thon Contest for a cash prize and recognition at the GPNP Summit.

The Innovation Lab sought to tackle existing challenges and advance equity in Southwestern Pennsylvania in teams made of other community members, non-profit, business and government leaders, focusing on:

  • Education,
  • Health Care Quality and Access,
  • Economic Stability,
  • Social and Community Context,
  • and Neighborhood and Built Environment

Grow, learn, and evolve, together

Each team met for eight sessions, beginning with an orientation that will outline the process, the frameworks to be used for the hackathon: Cantril’s ladder, assistive technology, anti-racist practices, Kurzin’s community healing, and intellectual property/data sovereignty. Orientation allowed participants to get to know each other, and become familiar with the tools that will be used throughout the Lab. All participants in The Innovation Lab and Equity Hackathon received Innovation Lab badges through the The Forbes Funds University.

Innovation Lab 2021 Pittsburgh community participant winners
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Penn State Nittany AI
Pittsburgh Penguins