Executive-in-Residence (EIR) program

Providing high-level advisory support to nonprofit leadership as they strive to strengthen organizational impact, agility, and sustainability in Allegheny County.

Supporting human service and community-based organizations.

The Forbes Funds EIR Coaching program provides just-in-time assistance and mentorship services to executive directors, nonprofit professionals, and board members in order to minimize organizational disruption and/or to seize opportunities with a greater level of assurance. 

Coaching is free of cost. Get started by completing the EIR intake form.

A program designed for CEOs and Executive Directors in Allegheny County, PA, with an opportunity to engage in generative discussions with an experienced executive on specific leadership and organizational topics.

Areas of support include the following.


Financial strategy to support operational needs and sustainable growth


Ideas for growing the mission and capitalizing on program opportunities


Enhanced strategic and generative performance of the board


Models for generating more impactful employee performance


An objective and experienced sounding board with whom you can share your leadership challenges and dreams

Dr. Hannah Karolak

I’m Dr. Hannah Karolak and I lead Learning and Education programming at The Forbes Funds. I’m here to support your journey through the Executive-in-Residence Program.

Christine Kroger testimonial for The Forbes Funds' EIR program

Christine's story

“EIR coaching has provided generative support to me as a new leader for my organization during a time of incredible uncertainty and transition for all in the nonprofit sector. The support and expertise afforded me through the EIR coaching program has been helpful in not only addressing my immediate concerns but in building long-term strengths and capacity that will enhance my organization far into the future.”

Christine Kroger
Executive Director
Neighborhood North: Museum of Play

Stephanie's EIR testimonial - headshot photo

Stephanie's story

“The opportunity to receive EIR coaching through The Forbes Funds has provided valuable resources and constructive tools to launch our organizational efforts even further. The effective strategies that were presented to better execute the mission of Young Adult Survivors United were most appreciated and otherwise would not have been possible. It was an amazing experience!”

Stephanie Scoletti, MSW
President & Founder
Young Adult Survivors United

Dr. Hannah Karolak

Dr. Hannah Karolak, Director, Executive in Residence

Dr. Hannah consults nonprofit leaders to strengthen their strategic communication efforts and provides strategies and assistance to increase overall team capacity.

Dr. Hannah leads the learning & education department at The Forbes Funds, which includes The Forbes Funds University, Executive-in-Residence coaching program, nonprofit learning cohorts, and The Forbes Funds research & publications programs. Hannah’s vision for the EIR program is to support your professional development while also collectively maximizing impact in an iterative, inclusive, and thoughtful peer-based manner.

EIR Testimonial by Christine Kroger

“The EIR program was helpful, and I am thankful for all the work being done to support the nonprofit sector.”

Since the EIR program began, more than 40 nonprofit executives have received support. To date, participants have been able to generate new funding, manage current assets more effectively, and develop long term organizational strengths both in operations and governance. 

Increase Organizational Sustainability

Increase Organizational Impact

Increase Organizational Agility

Increase Organizational Capacity

High-level advisory support.

Coaching is provided by The Forbes Funds’ Executives-in-Residence. There is no charge for this service.

We are currently accepting new participants.

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Dr. Hannah Karolak one-on-one education

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