Management Assistance Grants

The Forbes Funds awards grants to help nonprofits build their management capacity so they can more effectively deliver on their mission.

The most effective organizations build and sustain their capacity  through good governance, effective management, and regular adaptation. Building organizational capacity can be the difference between a nonprofit that merely survives, and one that thrives. The Forbes Funds provides nonprofits in Allegheny County with technical assistance and grants to better understand and address their organizational capacity needs and to build high-performing organizations.

Management Assistance Grants (MAGs) are designed to strengthen the management capacity of local nonprofit organizations, with a focus on human services and community development. The Forbes Funds’ support allows organizations to retain technical assistance consultants who help staff assess their strategic environment, identify unmet needs and opportunities, and develop efficient organizational structures and processes. Modest grants are made for well-defined projects that are custom-tailored to an organization’s capacity-building needs. Indirect costs (e.g., salaries and rent) are not covered. Management Assistance Grants range from $500 to $20,000.

If your agency is interested in applying, you are encouraged to contact first to determine correct fit before completing a Grant Application.