Social Innovation

Vision for the 21st Century

From Surviving to Thriving in the Newly Emerging Global Economy

As we strive toward our 21st century vision and our region advances at the fore of the newly emerging global economy, the nonprofit sector will face complex challenges that will require new and innovative solutions. By finding new ways to leverage our long-established partnerships, by forging new partnerships, by sharing tools, and by establishing common methods we can effectively and efficiently address the challenges while embracing new opportunities. 

Social Innovation is a recognition that the complex challenges of today's society demand new kinds of solutions, and that the most fertile ground for developing these kinds of solutions is often found at the margins of our efforts and organizations: in non-traditional or collective approaches, emerging technologies, and cross-disciplinary partnerships.  

The Forbes Funds takes a practical approach to Social Innovation, acting as a platform and catalyst to encourage the development of new tools, new models, new partnerships, and new funding that positively impact large numbers of organizations and by extension the communities they serve.

To ensure the effective and efficient delivery of our mission in the 21st century, The Forbes Funds will expand the depth and breadth of our work to innovatively address challenges and actively seize opportunities. 

Our vision for The Forbes Funds is to serve in the newly emerging global economy as a key leader and supporter of new partnerships, sustainable collaborations, and the future growth and development of southwestern Pennsylvania. 

The Forbes Funds will strive to support the establishment of clearly defined continuums in human services and community development sectors, the adoption of shared metrics that produce clear community scorecards, the development of forward thinking leaders and defined succession plans, and the alignment of our work with regional social determinants.

Established Partnerships

TFF engages a vast network of agencies, funders, advocates, and partners to collaboratively serve the needs of our community. By finding new ways to leverage our established partnerships TFF can create new opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring, facilitate generative discussions on leadership and organizational advancement, and support ideation between and among partners that cultivates a positively impactful and self-perpetuating ecosystem.

New Partnerships

TFF’s unique position as a conduit between sometimes unlikely allies provides an opportunity for new collaborations that will help our region’s nonprofits advance and excel in the 21st century. By bringing stakeholders from all industries, communities, and backgrounds to the table to address our region’s growing challenges and emerging opportunities, we can develop new solutions to old problems and stand ready to seize new opportunities as they arise.

Shared Tools

Shared tools help nonprofits to establish common practices and foster greater collaboration, while providing a more accurate picture of the overall return on the investment of resources in the region. TFF will help lead conversations and provide support to facilitate the development of shared tools - such as shared back office services and efficient fiscal management systems - that better allocate resources and enhance the collective impact of our work.

Common Methods

The development of common methods facilitates greater integration between and among our region’s nonprofits through clearer messaging, cross-training, and timely course corrections. By supporting the development of community-based participatory research (CPBR) and human-centered design TFF can help to empower communities to develop the way forward under their own power.