Capacity Building

Advancing the Region
by Strengthening Nonprofits

The Forbes Funds advances the well-being of our region by helping human service and community-based nonprofits build their management capacity and increase the impact of their mission work. We support these nonprofits both as individual organizations and as a unified coalition of leaders, funders, and advocates working collaboratively throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Building the management capacity and increasing the collective impact of our region’s nonprofits.

Nonprofits often struggle with similar challenges when it comes to capacity building and delivering on their mission – time, treasure, talent, and technology – but the specific needs of each nonprofit and where they are along the timeline of their developmental process is unique to each organization. The Forbes Funds strives to support nonprofits by providing the best tools and resources during each phase of the organization’s development; and by partnering, collaborating, and advocating as a unified and positive force for collective impact in our communities. 


GPNP Logo The Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) is a growing coalition of over 450 nonprofit organizations from the ten-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania. GPNP delivers a unified voice on emerging public policies that positions the sector to be a collaborative driver of social change. GPNP also provides public policy analysis, education, advocacy, and discounts on products and services that meet the current needs of our membership.

The Executive-In-Residence (EIR) program provides high-level advisory support to nonprofit leadership as they strive to strengthen organizational impact, nimbleness, and sustainability. Participants engage in generative discussions with an experienced executive on specific leadership and organizational topics, such as operations, governance, generating new funding, managing current assets more effectively, and developing long term organizational strengths.

Management Assistance Grants (MAGs) are modest grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 that fund the retention of technical assistance consultants to help an organization assess their strategic environment, identify unmet needs and opportunities, and develop efficient organizational structures and processes.

  • Priority is given to grants focusing on Finance, Strategy, and Organizational Realignment.
  • Grants are also awarded to support Leadership, Facilities, and Systems.