Summer 2021 Consultant Roundtable

The Consultant Roundtable is a chance for consultants registered with the Forbes Funds to gather and share best practices in nonprofit consulting. Consultants may also share their observations of trends in the nonprofit sector and engage with funders, nonprofit organizations, and cross-sector partners. If you are interested in attending the roundtable, please make sure you apply to register as a consultant via the link below.

The purpose of the Consultant Roundtable is to develop a group of transformational, culturally competent consultants who work together to strengthen nonprofits in our resilient communities. Members of the Roundtable benefit from a collaborative network of credentialed professionals who are subject matter experts. Members also have access to top-tier projects, matching services, and continued learning. Members are expected to lead one free webinar per calendar year for the Forbes Funds ecosystem and attend quarterly roundtable meetings.


Jun 15 2021


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
To register as a consultant
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