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Sustainable Developers Roundtable

We have a dynamic lineup of speakers, including Daniel Dickerman, Daniel Craddock and Tracy Mock Parker.

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The Sustainable Developers and Investors Roundtable brings together non-profit and for-profit developers, government entities and authorities, foundations, financial institutions, environmentalists and other stakeholders committed to equitable, sustainable development across the Pittsburgh region. This forum will highlight forward-thinking collaborative efforts across Pittsburgh and serve as a platform to plan for sustainable development, increased affordable housing, and reduced use of hazardous building materials. In addition to presentations by leaders from these sectors, the forum provides an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue centering equity as we address our emerging regional needs around infrastructure, affordable housing, gentrification, and climate change. One of the goals of the Roundtable is to further relationships and work towards a cross-sectoral shared vision for the region and aligning priorities, offering a pathway toward a coordinated, system-level response to our changing global context and the urgent needs of our local communities.

Hourly Schedule

Roundtable line-up

Daniel Dickerman
Institute for Sustainable Communities Regional: collaborations for healthy building materials
Daniel Craddock
Family Tree Markets: Sustainable solutions to food deserts
Tracy Mock Parker
Citizen Philanthropy: Identifying funding opportunities for sustainability initiatives


Jun 24 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Fred Brown


Fred Brown
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  • Fred Brown
    Fred Brown
    President & CEO

    Fred Brown is a thought-leader in innovation, capacity-building, and sustainable social development. He serves as the President & CEO of The Forbes Funds.

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