How Do You Handle Changes to the Agreement?

by | October 10, 2015 | Consulting | 0 comments

Handle Changes

Making changes to the scope of work are costly to everyone involved. By defining the project and scope of work as clearly as possible beforehand, and being transparent about your needs and weaknesses, you will decrease the likelihood that major changes are needed. If a change does seem necessary, however, think through the costs and benefits of changing the scope of work, time constraints, or other parts of the project and then make a deliberate decision. And, make sure that changes or addons are clearly understood and agreed upon by all parties.

Examples of where changes to the scope of a project are likely to happen include: web site design and implementation or the development and implementation of a marketing or development plan. While this list is clearly not exhaustive and it does not mean these types of projects will always result in scope changes, it is meant to provide you with some examples of types of projects that can present challenges.

As an example, The Forbes Funds currently has an agency that is doing a business plan but once the consultant got in there they realized the agency first needed extensive revamping of their accounting systems and organizational structure otherwise the plan that was envisioned would not work. Sometimes what seems like a simple strategic plan ends up being more involved and may even necessitate a re-look at the organization’s mission and vision.

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