May 10th Call for Community Solutions: Christie Cawley of tHRive – People Practices for NonProfits

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Christie Cawley

On May 10th, The Forbes Foundation was joined by Christie Cawley, Senior Partner, and Executive Consultant at tHRive, to share ways to empower HR operations for nonprofits in a changing post-COVID landscape.

In addition to this meeting digest, a recording of the call can be accessed at this link.

About tHRive

tHRive is a consultancy organization designed to elevate human resources and people-centric practices (employees, volunteers, and boards) within nonprofits to enhance organizational capacity and community impact in the form of kits, workshops, webinars, and other resources. Currently thRIve is taking on nonprofits for its 2021 cohort after recently finishing its 2020 programming.

Cohort Programming Structure via tHRive

About tHRive’s 2021 Cohort

The 2021 cohort program is a 6-month program that meets bi-monthly with guided webinar workshops for small-to-mid-sized nonprofits. These workshops help nonprofits navigate change and build skills and knowledge in HR practices as it relates to engaging and supporting their workforce. Most importantly, nonprofits gain confidence and the knowledge of how to use that information responsibly, creating a pathway for evaluation and accountability in performance and professional development. Each workshop builds upon itself each month and provides discussion and takeaways from industry and regional leaders. They generally take up to 10 hours a month for participants on average. Alongside the workshops, Tools, Templates, Handouts, and Resources are distributed to strengthen the health of participating organizations.

Some spots in the cohort are still available. Participating nonprofits are not required to have a dedicated HR department and an individual in a leadership role could attend. All sessions are virtual and recorded, so participants can refer back to them after their completion.

Other Opportunities through tHRive

tHRive will also be bringing in a subscription model to all-size nonprofits in September. It will be open access to information that will be available covering employment practices, engaging employees, classification of jobs, and the role of the job description.

“Sometimes we just need a sounding board or a resource to help us think through not only what we want to say, but how we want to be heard.”

Christie Cawley

Public Policy Updates from GPNP Director Colleen Young


The national moratorium on evictions issued by the CDC was ended by a federal judge on Wednesday, though the Justice Department filed an appeal and the decision will be held until 5/12. In April nearly 7 million Americans reported already being behind on their rent, and 40% of those were reported being worried about evicted in the next two months. Nearly 12 million Americans are not confident they can pay next month’s rent.

On May 7th the Treasury Department announced new rules for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) designed to ease the movement of those funds being distributed across the country. They cut wait time in half and encourage financial assistance for new housing, as well as prohibit evictions while assistance payments are being made. They also prohibit, and in some cases reduce, unnecessary or burdensome documentation, with hopes to prioritize renters who are most in need. More information on the new rules can be found here.


In Pennsylvania, ERAP has already been running, and the DHS is encouraging renters to apply for utility assistance through ERAP. Funds are first come, first serve, so it is encouraged people to apply as quickly as possible. PA received $569 Million to assist renters, landlords, or utility providers and renters can apply (or learn more) from COMPASS.

The Wolf Administration is also lifting mitigation orders (except for masking) on Memorial Day, May 31st at 12:01 AM. Masking requirements will remain in effect until 70% of PA residents aged 18 and older are fully vaccinated. Pennsylvania has also now partnered with Rite Aid to ease vaccine scheduling for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities & their caregivers. There are also opportunities to coordinate transportation or other accessibility needs. For more information, call 800-424-4345 7 am-7 pm Monday through Friday.

Allegheny County has presented a new proposal to the Board of Health for paid sick leave this Wednesday. This would affect all employers with more than 26 employees. It would come in the form of one paid hour of sick time for every 35 hours and could be used on day 90 of working, with a maximum limit of 40 hours. Sick time can be used to care for a sick family member, and the Board voted to open up a 30-day public comment hearing, including a public hearing.

The Municipal elections are also coming up, with the deadline to request a mail-in ballot being 5pm May 11th, and polls open May 18th 7 am-8 pm.

Remarks from Fred Brown

In response to the presentation given by Christie, Fred spoke of the necessity of organizations like tHRive in helping navigate the changing operational landscape for nonprofits.

COVID is pushing people to make decisions based around survival, and not how to thrive […] The HR component that Christie talks about really helps you navigate that in a meaningful way so that you don’t have a reactionary process to COVID, but moreover, you create a strategic response mechanism that allows your organization to thrive.

Fred Brown

Upcoming Community Solutions Calls

The next call we have Dr. Polly Hoppin joining us from the Southwest PA Cancer Action network. Register for the upcoming Community Solutions Call for May 17th here.

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