UpPrize: BNY Mellon Social Innovation Challenge

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In 2015, UpPrize was created through a unique partnership between BNY Mellon, the BNY Mellon Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and The Forbes Funds. Note: we no longer run this program and is exclusively done through BNY Mellon.

The Forbes Funds in the past has worked with Helping southwestern Pennsylvania nonprofit, for-profit and social entrepreneurs create positive social returns with purpose-driven innovation.

UpPrize is a social innovation challenge that creates cross-sector partnerships to solve some of our community’s most pressing problems. Through in-depth research, we identify areas in which innovation is heavily needed and then extend an open call to the community for solutions. The competition is staged to help ideas and solutions that started in an existing innovation ecosystem develop to their highest potential. The most promising applicants receive grants and/or investments to advance their ideas. We invite nonprofits, start-ups, established firms, students and government agencies to apply.

Learn More:      UpPrize Website     Next Pittsburgh     Pittsburgh Post Gazette   BNY Mellon      90.5 WESA

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