Strategic Financial Management

Explore the critical issues of managing cash flow, temporary restricted funds, and match outcomes with costs. You'll find helpful tips for cash management, such as preparing a cash flow forecast, bank reconciliations, daily management / internal controls, being honest...

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“The Nonprofit Sector: An Economic and Community Asset”

Final_Impact_study_for_distributionDownload The nonprofit sector continues to grow in importance in cities and states nationwide. Their mission-oriented quality improvement focus is at the heart of many great community efforts. This report highlights characteristics...

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“Social Return on Investment Case Study Analysis”

Final_SROI_for_distributionDownload There is difficulty in measuring the social impact of the nonprofit sector. While leaders and executives may have anecdotes about the success of their programming and services, it can be challenging to capture nonprofits' impact on...

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fbo-focus-groupsDownload This report includes conversations with leaders from a variety of faith-based organizations in the Pittsburgh region. The objective of this dialogue was to better understand the budget, services provided, and staff size of each respective...

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