“Do they see what I see…now? Public Opinion and the Human Services Sector”

by | November 11, 2007 | Human Services, Sector Trends, Tropman Reports | 0 comments

In line with a 2003 national study by Pew Partnership for Civic Change, The Forbes Funds commissioned Campos Inc. to model a study that highlighted a disparity between public-at-large and nonprofit practitioners regarding the perceived severity of community problems. The study sought to determine whether there are similar discrepancies between public and nonprofit human service providers in Allegheny County, landing on similar results in 2004. The Forbes Funds once again commissioned Campos Inc. in 2007 and contrasted results across categories, including public perception on county-level problems, forms of support across sectors, and what the public should know to become more supportive of nonprofit human services practitioners. The report follows up with a comparative summary and short-term recommendations for implementation based organizational capacity.

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