GPNP Nonprofit Spotlight – Ray Nell Jones

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“Saving the lives of mothers isn’t an option; it is a requirement and a call-to-action plan.”

Ray Nell Jones

These are words Ray Nell Jones lives by through the organization she founded in 2019, The Allignment Chapter. The mission of the organization is to help low-income mothers by providing boxes filled with necessities including cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. The need has been steady since the organization’s genesis when they received about 25 requests per day, but when the pandemic began leading to lost jobs and lost daycare, calls from mothers needing emergency aid rose to 189 per day, as the pandemic shutdowns swept across the country in the spring of 2020. Mothers needed hand sanitizer, diapers, paper towels. They needed a million basic household items that they very suddenly could no longer afford.

Jones rose to meet that need. The Allignment Chapter emptied their warehouse filling orders that were delivered by volunteers locally or mailed to women in 109 communities in 39 states. Allignment responds on an emergency basis, delivering supplies in the Pittsburgh area the same day they are requested.   

The number of women who enrolled in the Allignment Chapter’s six-week, virtual financial literacy course also rose. A survey of graduates shows 30% improved their financial situation and 73% improved their mental health.  Jones says that in addition to helping offset living costs by providing necessities that can add up to hundreds of dollars, she tries to inject positivity into the lives of women, many of whom had lost hope.

In pivoting to learn how to meet these needs, Ray Nell is the example of leadership in her own community and state AND in 29 other states. She has been recognized by celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Lena Dunham. Her ultimate goal is the bridge the gap between low-income and middle-class women by creating spaces where lower-income women are seen and heard as equals.

Current Opportunities for Support and Partnership

All drives are currently active and can be supported on the main web page for The Allignment Chapter or Amazon Smile.

Pull up and Drop Off Drive – Receive pull-ups and other baby necessities from The Allignment Chapter through this drive!

School Supplies Surprise – Donate school supplies via Amazon Smile.

Boots for Moms – Text “Boots” to 412-918-6664 to donate new boots or click the link here to sign up and receive boots.

Back on Her Feet Drive – This drive helps single mothers who just found a new home or apartment and are in need of curtains, shower curtains, bedsheets, dishes, and more.

Emergency Clothing – Some mothers are very insecure because they cannot afford the proper interview attire. We now have piloted a program that will help a mom purchase interview attire for her job interview.

Emergency Assistance – Ongoing application for moms who are in need of support

To stay up-to-date on recent drives and ways you can support, follow @theallignmentchapter on Instagram!


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