Advise for Nonprofits: Saying Goodbye to the Consultant

by | October 10, 2015 | Consulting | 0 comments

Goodbyes are not forever. Make sure your point person stays responsible in following-through with the consultant as planned. Continue to be transparent about your issues, needs, strengths, and weaknesses so that the consultant can help you adapt, implement and sustain your plan.

Before you toss out a plan or project, consider how you can adapt it or contact the consultant, tell them how your priorities have changed and ask them if their product can be adapted and made applicable to your current situation.

Educate and update board and staff members about changes in projects and priorities and keep them involved and committed. Continue to educate new board members and staff members about current projects and why they matter.

Measure success. Take the steps you said you would take to determine how well you did in meeting your objectives and making improvements. You can use the information to justify expenditures, to make a case for using a consultant in the future, and to make a case for or against future usage of certain processes and methodologies.

No regrets. Even if the experience was not optimal or quite what you expected, survey other employees, consider and document what you and your organization learned and what you will do the same or differently next time.

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