Advise for Nonprofits: Write the Contract

by | October 10, 2015 | Consulting | 0 comments

Avoid nightmares down the road … put it in writing!


  • Specific deliverables, including interim deliverables
  • Deadlines for each deliverable and/or phase of the project
  • Fee and payment structure including late charges and direct costs/expenses
  • Personnel dedicated to the project and roles of the consultant and the nonprofit
  • Workplace (where will the consultant work? What administrative support, equipment, or access is
  • expected?)
  • Formal communication and reporting plan (between you and the consultant)
  • Any organizational policies or standards that must be adhered to
  • Termination procedure
  • Statement of consultant’s independence (Independent Contractor)1
  • Statements and waivers regarding insurance, rights to intellectual property
  • Procedures for changing cost, scope of work, or timelines
  • Procedures for dispute resolution
  • Procedures for breach of contract
  • Appropriate signatures
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