State Budget

The State Budget is a key policy area, as it is one the most important pieces of legislation passed each year, especially for nonprofits.


Each year, the Pennsylvanian legislature passes a Commonwealth Budget bill, with fiscal allocations for state agencies, non-profit organizations, and other businesses. As of November 23rd, 2020, the budget for 2021 was signed by Governor Tom Wolf.


With millions of PA employees still without work, there was a massive drop in revenue for the state. The budget shortfall of the 19-20 budget year was padded with funds that would have been of great benefit to nonprofit organizations and other essential community businesses statewide. With economic shortages all around, the 2021-22 fiscal year might be the hardest yet.

With increased demand for services, there is a strain and anticipated shortfall of funds for nonprofits and social services to adequately meet the needs of Pennsylvanians. To that end, foundations likely do not bottomless funds of multiplying dollars to continue filling in for agencies without fulsome government support. Cuts to a social services system that is already in delicate balance may have devastating impacts.

In instances where there is additional funding, such as pots of money set aside from The CARES Act, there is a great deal of ‘red tape’ that drastically slows down the process of getting funds and services to the organizations and Pennsylvanians who need it most urgently.


Enact the HB 2708

Advocate at the federal level for additional stimulus dollars. Without federal support to extend unemployment compensation and further prevention of eviction moratoriums, the economy is positioned to stagnate and worsen.

Understand where state fiscal dollars are going and organize or advocate accordingly. You can review the 2021 budget and line-item allocations here.

Policy Position & Action

Position Overview

GPNP believes that nonprofit organizations should regularly be in touch with legislators and voicing their concerns as they relate to their mission, vision, and values. The State Budget is no exception. Often, there are unnecessary barriers in place that either limit or slow down the impact that nonprofits can have in their communities. Participating in the Budget process, whether it be attending listening sessions, writing to/calling legislators, or advocating to state agencies on how budget dollars are spent, etc., nonprofits have the potential to have a stronger impact with budget dollars.

Take Action

You can take immediate action by contacting your representatives and voicing how the State Budget impacts your organization.

Additionally, GPNP staff engages in regular Policy Committee meetings with other greater Pittsburgh entities. In these meetings, fiscal issues, such as the State Budget and other issues faced by nonprofits and nonprofit service recipients are often brought to the attention of attendees, along with action steps for making yours or your organization’s values heard. You can also use the Change Our State website to identify your elected officials.

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