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PA Nonprofit Relief Advocacy Alert

A little over one year into the COVID-19 Pandemic, some nonprofits have received support from: The CARES ActLocal fundersSome shifts in state regulationsCounty-distributed fundsPPP Loans but Pennsylvania’s General Assembly has not targeted support for the nonprofit...

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People Review Process

In this process, nonprofit workforce leaders' objective is to assess the leaders in your organization to identify effectiveness and potential for movement to higher level positions and to create development plans. PROCESS Create an Organization Chart for all of your...

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Frequency of Review for Key Financial Information

Explore a key guide to financial information showcasing the minimum frequency of review and by whom for nonprofit organizations. This includes the Board, Finance Committee/Treasury, CEO, and CFOs in the areas of Dashboard, Budget vs. Actual Report, Cashflow...

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Checklist for Financial Roles

WHOSE JOB IS IT? Which of these items are the responsibility of the Board, the Board Chair, the Executive Director, the Executive Director in concert with his/her staff, or both the Board and the Executive Director? Checklist_for_Financial_RolesDownload

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Write the Contract

Avoid nightmares down the road … put it in writing! Include: Specific deliverables, including interim deliverablesDeadlines for each deliverable and/or phase of the projectFee and payment structure including late charges and direct costs/expensesPersonnel dedicated to...

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Saying Goodbye to the Consultant

Goodbyes are not forever. Make sure your point person stays responsible in following-through with the consultant as planned. Continue to be transparent about your issues, needs, strengths, and weaknesses so that the consultant can help you adapt, implement and sustain...

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Make Sure It’s a Partnership

In order for the project to be successful, you need to treat the consultant as the trusted partner that they now are. The consultant needs access to you, your board, your employees and information that they likely outlined in their proposal. Provide information the...

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