What We Do

The Forbes Funds: What We Do

The Forbes Funds focuses on strengthening the management capacity and impact of community nonprofits individually and collectively. We accomplish that through:

Capacity Building

Providing nonprofits with resources, through grantmaking and cohorts, and learning forums to enable them to manage a disruptive event, reframe their thinking about a specific issue that impacts operations, and prepare for the future.  Priority is given to human services and community development organizations in Allegheny County. Learn more.

Featured program: Velocity 2.0: professional development for Pittsburgh marketing and fundraising

Velocity 2.0 2017 enhanced curriculum

  • Donor psychology and behavior
  • Campaign design and execution for maximum impact
  • Branding and positioning
  • Constituent engagement - transform your cause into a social movement for good
  • Leadership and team-building approaches
  • Real-life case studies and best practices

Social Innovation

Accelerating the development of operating models and technological innovation to reduce expense and/or increase impact for our community nonprofit organizations. Learn more.

Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership

Leveraging the collective strength of the sector to inform policy, give input to community priorities and strategies, and increase their purchasing power. Learn more.


Our Partners

The Forbes Funds is a supporting organization of The Pittsburgh Foundation. They, along with area foundations, corporations, and The United Way provide annual grant support to enable us to advance our work with organizations.