What We Do



Advancing the Region by Strengthening Nonprofits

The Forbes Funds advances the well-being of our region by helping human service and community-based nonprofits build their management capacity and increase the impact of their mission work.

We support these nonprofits both as individual organizations and as a unified coalition of leaders, funders, and advocates working collaboratively throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

For the last four years, The Forbes Funds and The Benter Foundation have provided an advanced fundraising, marketing and movement building course for Pittsburgh region leaders. Known as Velocity, the course taught participants to improve their ability to generate awareness, adoption and support for their cause. Since its inception four years ago, more than 400 people have participated in programming. The programs has yielded significant gains in participants' knowledge, skills and fundraising results:

  • Average gifts and dollars raised increased by more than 10%
  • Cost to raise a dollar decreased by 18% (increased effectiveness in acquiring new supporters)
  • Higher than 90% response rate for post-tests of new knowledge gained and organizational success

Academy Formation

Leadership at the Forbes Funds, in consultation with program partners the Benter Foundation and INFLUENCE|SG, established a new direction for 2019 to enhance program offerings and create a teaching and learning academy for Pittsburgh region cause leaders. The program will continue in 2020. For more information about the Academy for Cause and Community Engagement Leadership, click here.


Building the management capacity and increasing the collective impact of our region's nonprofits.

Nonprofits often struggle with similar challenges when it comes to capacity building and delivering on their mission – time, treasure, talent, and technology – but the specific needs of each nonprofit and where they are along the timeline of their developmental process is unique to each organization. TFF strives to support nonprofits by providing the best tools and resources during each phase of the organization’s development; and by partnering, collaborating, and advocating as a unified and positive force for collective impact in our communities. 

Capacity Building

The Forbes Funds is committed to providing capacity building to nonprofits in Allegheny County through grants, technical assistance, education, and other special initiatives. Our goal is to help guide not-for-profit agencies through challenging times, as well as the disruptive forces that present opportunities for growth. We provide these capacity building supports and services through the Executive-In-Residence (EIR) and Management Assistance Grant (MAGs) programs. 

Social Innovation

Social Innovation is a recognition that the complex challenges of today's society demand new kinds of solutions, and that the most fertile ground for developing these kinds of solutions is often found at the margins of our efforts and organizations: in non-traditional or collective approaches, emerging technologies, and cross-disciplinary partnerships.  

The Forbes Funds takes a practical approach to Social Innovation, acting as a platform and catalyst to encourage the development of new tools, new models, and new funding that positively impact large numbers of organizations and by extension the communities they serve.

Unity of the Sector

GPNP LogoThe Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) is a growing coalition of over 450 nonprofit organizations from a ten-county region in southwestern Pennsylvania. GPNP offers an array of services that provide our members with opportunities to deliver a unified voice on emerging public policies that positions the sector to be a collaborative driver of social change. We provide public policy analysis, education, advocacy, and a portfolio of discounts on products and services that meet the current needs of individual members and the nonprofit sector as a whole.



From Surviving to Thriving
in the Newly Emerging Global Economy

As we strive toward our 21st century vision and our region advances at the fore of the newly emerging global economy, the nonprofit sector will face complex challenges that will require new and innovative solutions. By finding new ways to leverage our long-established partnerships, by forging new partnerships, by sharing tools, and by establishing common methods we can effectively and efficiently address the challenges while embracing new opportunities.